Scientific / Technical

Scientific / Technical

Human Science

The aim of this group is to learn about and discuss major aspects of human physiology, psychology and health.  The group is currently organised by Graham Barnes with an emphasis on neuroscience.  Basic mechanisms underlying aspects of everyday living, such as sensory processing and the control of actions, are discussed, along with a flavour of …

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We are an informal and sociable group who meet  for a presentation on some aspect of aviation be it an airfield, a particular aviation event, or an aircraft.  The field is wide.   We also plan visits to old airfields or museums.  We will usually meet at lunchtime at a pub for a chinwag over a …

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Digital Photography

  To see the group’s photos on flickr click here. Plus, there are some other pictures to see at their Photo Gallery Meets:1st Friday of the month from 10:00 to 12:00 Venue:Mildenhall (Minal) Village Hall Contact the Group Leader:See below

Build your own website

Would you like to build your own website?  Or maybe just play with the idea to see how they are constructed?  Or would like to start a blog/online discussion forum?  Or perhaps you are already on the task and in need of advice. We’re offering some guidance to help.  If interested, get in touch to …

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