Make the most of life once you’re no longer in full time work by exploring new ideas, skills and interests with our local u3a in Kennet.

U3A is about learning, socialising and friendship for those who have finished full time work and raising a family.  U3A offers lifelong learning and activities for everyone in the third stage of their life (“Learn, laugh, live”).

The key elements of U3A are:

  • Life long learning and development
  • Participative learning
  • Friendship
  • Fun
  • Learning in a sociable way
  • Giving structure when no longer raising a family or working full-time

U3A in Kennet is part of the national U3A movement which encourages lifelong learning and staying active for those who have finished full-time work and raising a family.  Its members come together to develop their learning, social and creative interests in a friendly and informal environment.  U3A in Kennet offers over 60 interest groups to over 600 members on subjects ranging from American History to Website Management and activities ranging from Backgammon to four different Walking Groups.  Members come from Marlborough and the areas immediately around Marlborough.  There are also U3As in Pewsey Vale and Devizes as well as Swindon and Hungerford.

Launched 1992, U3A in Kennet is centred on the beautiful, historic market town of Marlborough and surrounding villages in north Wiltshire.  The name Kennet is from the river that flows peacefully from its several sources in the chalk downs, and adds interest and charm to the villages on its banks, including Marlborough itself.

Whatever your level of participation, be it energetic or more relaxed, thought provoking or gentle leisure, developing skills or just chatting, there is something here for you… and if there isn’t, we are always keen to start new groups.

For a single annual membership fee, members can join as many groups as they want.  Individual groups meet their own costs.

You can find out more and get to know us better by coming to our regular Coffee Exchange in Marlborough.  They normally are held between 10:15 am and 12 noon on the last Thursday of each month at Marlborough Town Hall in the High Street and simultaneously on Zoom for anyone who prefers to join us ‘virtually’.  Come and check us out.

Click the image below for more information about the Coffee Exchange:

Coffee Exchange

U3A in Kennet is a Registered Charity (1028680).

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