Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is an excellent tool.  Joining a Zoom meeting is very easy.
All you need the Zoom app / utility and have either:

  • A smartphone or tablet (either Android or Apple)
  • Or, a newish laptop (most have built in cameras)
  • Or a desktop computer with a webcam

Even if you don’t have a device with a camera you can still join and be able to watch and listen.  (Slight drawback is that the others won’t be able to see you.)

As most of us will be simply joining a Zoom meeting that was set up by another person, all you’ll need is to have the app / utility installed on your device first.

To install the Zoom app / utility on your computer go to the Zoom website and download the app.  If you have a smart device, find the app at Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.

Your Zoom meeting host will send you the details via email (date, time, and connecting info).  When the meeting is to start, just click on the link you’ve been sent and enjoy.

Just be sure you keep your software and Zoom app / utility updated with the latest version.  Improvements and safety features are being updated periodically.

For those who will be setting up Zoom meetings for others to join, it’s a bit more complicated.  You’ll need to create an account, configure Zoom properly, and make certain you’re following the latest guidance on using Zoom securely.

Even if you’re only joining meetings hosted by other, you may find the guidance helpful.

Head to to learn more.

Enjoy Zoom, it’s really become a fabulous way to meet and converse in these days of social distancing.

Want some more help?  We’ll be glad to assist you personally.