u3a Day 9th November 2022

Special added bonus:  If you join u3a on the 9th, the joining fee will be waived!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of u3a in Kennet.  Founded following a public meeting in March 1992, it was accepted as a member of the U3A Trust on 15th May 1992.  By 1993 there were over 120 members and 19 groups.  To mark this anniversary, Allan Skipper has produced a short booklet which can be found at 30th anniversary.

In line with this, our u3a Day this year will be on the 9th November.  The purpose of holding such a celebration is to increase awareness of u3a in the general public and, in turn, help to recruit new members.  Last year’s event got our members together for the first time since lockdown and resulted in nine new members joining.  The format of the day will be similar to last year with an exhibition in the Town Hall supported by our groups.

As the national u3a Office says, “This is an opportunity to celebrate our activities, our contribution to the local community, the innovative ways members had responded to the restrictions under lockdown and to share plans about the future delivery of our u3a programme.  We believe this day can help to challenge negative perceptions of older adults and bring together everyone in the community to learn about the contribution u3a makes to the quality of life for older people.

40th Anniversary of u3a in UK:  This year also marks the 40th Anniversary of u3a in the UK.  There are a number of activities taking place at a national level to celebrate this.  Details can be found at 40th anniversary.